Ibiza, August 2017.

When we think of Ibiza, it inevitably reminds us of a foggy, neon-lit image: a massive hangover after a frentic night. Breaking away from this image completely, Martina Matencio wants to show a different Ibiza, a calm and serene one, with soft lights and pastel colours.

Through her eyes, the world night-life capital becomes a haven of peace, where silence allows the flow of emotions, and the body calmly blends with the surroundings.All this materialises at the Tropicana Hotel, where one breathes an ambiance from another time. Model Raquel San Nicolás, wearing swimwear collections by Figtree and Playa de Anza, personifies the antithesis of noise through estatic and desarticulate poses, in an article whose aim is to break free of stereotypes. A new Ibiza presents itself to us, out of abstraction and intermission. And it feels like a balm.

Photography: Martina Matencio

Model: Raquel San Nicolás

Published in Lamono mag