April 2020

Honestly I don’t know what will happen to Figtree once this is all over. Uncertainty has become my teacher, demanding and tenacious, it teaches me that I can’t take things for granted. At the same time it shows me the greatness that lies in little things and, above all, how small we are and how great nature is. From Figtree as well as from my own day to day life I have always bet on sustainability, common sense and transparency, and these will remain my values in the times ahead. I don’t know if I will keep selling swimwear or if I will dedicate myself to another task. I say this without sorrow, simply, from acceptance from the desire to move on and embrace life. I hope and wish I can continue to offer beautiful, sustainable, quality garments, but today, more than ever, I realize it is not only in my hands. I am still happy to try to, with all my energies. This is not a farewell, though it may look like one, it’s a “we’ll see”, a declaration of love, fruit of determination to flow with life at the moment we have to live. It is an ode to coherence and common sense. I can only keep creating if it makes sense, and you give sense to it. It is for and thanks to you that I imagine, design, materialize and sell. So life will say. I stay optimistic and confident (I finally got it!) and will continue to offer the best of me in everything I do.

I take this opportunity to wish you all the best in these hard times, which I trust will bring us light. From the island, sun is shining, Florence is singing and I feel whole. Hugs,


Founder and Creative Director of Figtree