Barcelona - Ibiza , May 2019.

Commitment to sustainable fashion is the common thread and main reason Alba Esteva and Julie Bak-Christensen, founders of Figtree and Marble Matter respectively, started a collaboration. Together they created a project whose aim is to share the love they feel towards natural fabrics and botanical dyes.

All pieces are unique and unrepeatable and through color, textures give rise to a tiny universe of details to explore.

Marble Matter and Figtree, also known as Alba and Julie hold a shared interest in sustainable textile production, which ended up as the glue in their collaboration. Together they have created a project that aims to spread their love for natural fibers and local dyes. The collaboration exists between Barcelona and Ibiza, the home of respectively Marble Matter and Figtree. The wearables was therefore lauched at Casaprotea in Barcelona while the workshops will be hosted in the Ibizian countryside in July.

Figtree and Marble Matter have worked with an experimental form of bundle dyeing on silk fabric. All pieces have been made in “Casa Calma” in Ibiza. The process was documented by photographer Maria Santos. It is also this teChnique they will host Workshops in during the month of July.

The botanically dyed wearables constitute a capsule collection of 12 kimonos, 12 scarfs and scrunchies made from cut offs. All pieces are unique and made by the hands of Alba & Julie. Amongst others, you will find traces of pommegranade peel, eucalyptus leafs and cocinialla on their collection. The patterns strive to become small univereses of form and color, with an endless number of details to explore.

On the 12th of July Figtree and Marble Matter will host a workshop teaching the technique used to dye their wearables. This will happen in Ibiza at Casa Calma.

Photography: Maria Santos