Figtree is an allegory to personal freedom. Its style goes back to naturalness, transforming into a
hymn to hedonism and a calm life pace, in harmony with nature.
Inspired by the Mediterranean, it stands as a manifesto to an ecological and sustainable lifestyle.


Its purpose is to follow a conscious path towards caring for the planet, which currently

materializes as follows:


  •  Local production based on small Barcelona workshops, thus aiding in keeping the scarce local
    textile business network alive.


  • Use eco-certified or recycled raw materials.

  • Recovery and impulse to different textile handcraft techniques.

  • Plastic-free packaging, labeling and shipping tools, prioritizing the use of recylable options.


  • Production is limited to small quantities in order to minimize surplus stock.


  • Figtree garments are timeless and made to last.


The brand was born is Ibiza, under one of its exuberant fig trees, something that surely left a mark
in the personality of this handcrafted fashion brand launched by designer Alba Esteva.

‘After living for 10 years between Barcelona and Ibiza, I decided to leave the big city and settle on
the island, in the middle of its countryside and close to the sea, to fulfill my wish to live according to
nature’s rhythms, as my body and soul had been longing to for a while.


I create and design Figtree collections in my home Casa Calma, according to sustainability,
common sense, transparency, concepts I firmly believe in and nature shows me every day.


My creative direction follows the lifestyle I have chosen, in harmony with the environment and I
play my part in protecting our planet. 


I firmly believe that a better world is possible and it is in our hands to make a difference, because each action, each decision and each thought matter.’


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